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CONCEPT KITCHENS established in 1995 as Aluminium Fabrication Company did several projects In Doors & Windows in Middle East. Company had started its operation in India by 2008 launching a factory in Coimbatore with 24000 sqft. Build-up area in 1.5 Acres of land and in-corporate with fully automatic powder coating line (100 meter conveyor) with 20 meter oven and overhead conveyor system for pre-treatment with 10 tank treatment with dry off oven. Company has introduced DECORAL SYSTEM ITALY decorating aluminium profiles and sheets into wooden finish and other finishes in South India.

Pre Treatment Plant

The Aluminum profile used for powder coating should be chemical treatment before powder coating, it is a process which is having 9 types of rinsing in different chemical which is filled in 9 tanks should be dipped one by one the 1st tank consist of chemical which is used for Degreasing will remove any oil particle exist in Aluminum profile, 2nd and 3rd tank having water to rinse the residue existing in the profile, 4th tank consist of acid which is used to etch the Aluminum to have a rough surface for more catching, 5th and 6th tank consist of water to rinse the residue available in the profile, 7th tank consist of chemical which is used for chromating, 8th and 9th consist of water for final rinsing then later it is taken to drying oven which dry out the water existing in the profile and should be loading in the conveyor chain using jigs.




The conveyor chain have a cyclic movement in certain speed set by the electronic control panel which carries the profiles with the jig to the Powder Coating Booth where we apply the powder on the profile and thin layer of profile will be coated on the profile will be taken to Curing Oven by the conveyor and there in certain temperature the powder will stick into the profile then it will taken to unloading area from there it will taken to packing & dispatch.

Decoral Machine

Decorating Aluminum Profile & Sheets is realized using a heat transfers a pattern (wooden, marble, granite, and several other fantasies) carried over a special coating, into a single powder coating layer applied on profiles of Aluminum, steel or other materials as well as in the case of accessories. The equipment necessary to perform this process is technologically advanced, easy and safe to be used.

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